How far will this administration go to cover itself?

At a tumultuous and partisan hearing of the House Ways and Means Committee Friday, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told skeptical Republican members of Congress that the loss of thousands of former IRS official Lois Lerner’s emails is not a cover up. After Rep. Paul Ryan told Koskinen, “I don’t believe you,” Koskinen replied, “I have a long career. That’s the first time anyone has said they do not believe me.” Asked how the email loss could happen, Koskinen said that 90,000 employees still use Windows XP — which Microsoft doesn’t even support any more — and its operational budget, which includes IT spending, has been cut for five straight years. He also told reporters during a break that the “system of record” at the IRS is not email, but paper.

Paul Ryan Blasts the IRS

Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) lit into IRS Commissioner John Koskinen over the missing Lois Lerner emails at a Friday House Ways and Means Committee hearing, flatly telling him he didn’t believe his excuse for them being gone.

The emails of Lerner, the former tax-exemption chief at the center of the investigation into IRS targeting of conservative groups, were reported lost in a “hard drive crash,” an explanation which Koskinen said was on the line.

“I’m sitting here, listening to this testimony, I don’t believe it,” Ryan said. “That’s your problem. Nobody believes you. The Internal Revenue Service comes to us a couple years ago and misleads us and tells us no targeting is occurring. Then it said it was a few rogue agents in Cincinnati. Then it said it was also on progressives. All of those things have been proven untrue.”

Ryan called Koskinen’s explanation for the loss of the emails “unbelievable.”

“You are the Internal Revenue Service,” he said. “You can reach into the lives of hard-working taxpayers and with a phone call, an e-mail or a letter you can turn their lives upside down. You ask taxpayers to hand onto seven years of their personal tax information in case they are ever audited and you can’t keep six months worth of employee e-mails? And now that we are seeing this investigation, you don’t have the e-mails, hard drives crashed. You learned about this months ago. You just told us, and we had to ask you on Monday.”

This is not being forthcoming, he said.

“This is being misleading again,” Ryan said. “This is a pattern of abuse, a pattern of behavior that is not giving us any confidence that this agency is being impartial. I don’t believe you. This is incredible.”

Koskinen retorted he’d had a “long career” and never been told no one believed him.

“I don’t believe you,” Ryan said again.

Rep. Sander Levin (D., Mich.) snapped at Ryan to let Koskinen answer a question, and Ryan yelled back, “I didn’t ask him a question!”

“I control the time,” Ryan said. “I have not yielded time. I control the time.”

Chairman Rep. Dave Camp (R., Mich.) had to invoke regular order to stop Ryan from being interrupted.

“Here’s what being forthcoming is,” Ryan said. “If we are investigating criminal wrongdoing, targeting of people based on their political beliefs and the emails in question are lost because of a hard drive crash that is apparently unrecoverable, which a lot of IT professionals would question, and you don’t tell us about it until we ask you about it, that is not being forthcoming.”


Wasted money on and other sites

This is what is really pissing me off again today.  The fact that I am in the internet business and pay programmers on a regular basis, I am aware of the cost.  I could have hired 15 programmers and could have had this ObamaCare website built in about 4 to 6 months at the longest and I could have done it for a cost of about $250,000 and it would have been working.  This cost would have also included a reasonable profit for me.    Now this idiotic government has paid so far almost $600 million dollars on the same product and one that does not even work that well if at all.

Here is the real part of all this though that pisses me off is that the government also paid out the cost to all the individual states for them to have there own sites built and the figure I saw for the state of Oregon is that the federal government gave them $53 million to have the same company that built the federal site build there’s and the Oregon site also does not work.

Unemployment Compensation

You know, No matter what side of the political spectrum your on this whole controversy of the unemployment compensation extensions discontinuing is ridiculous.   Right now, and with all respect to people that I know that are on unemployment, you are able to collect benefits for a full 99 weeks. That’s just a couple weeks short of 2 years and you only have to work for 6 months to qualify for the 2 years of benefits.   Most People are actually not even looking for work. they would rather stay home and get paid or are collecting benefits in addition to working under the table for cash. Ninety nine weeks is way longer than it used to be and is way to long to be giving out benefits on the tax payers dole.   Stopping these benefits will make sure that people get out and get a job, start a business or do something that is best for them and not continuing to live off of this what is becoming a socialist government.

Coming up to the Deadline

Well as we approach the signup deadline for this total socialist fiasco called “ObamaCare”, We can only sit back and watch what will happen to this terrible law that should have never been passed and wouldn’t have if it was “Read” first.  We can only wait and see what will occur as the deadline passes and the moved up deadline of the 31st for payment of plans and then the all mighty January 1st, Over 6 million existing health care plans cancelled and those that actually want insurance but will not have it because the administration knows whats good for us better than we do ourself,  On and on and on and on.